Friday, August 30, 2013

Get Offa My Laptop!

I don't exactly have the ideal writer's life. I don't have a home office or much personal space at all. We have a shared computer out in the living room and that used to be where I wrote. Until my boys got bigger....

Then the shared computer became Game Central where one of my boys was always playing. I encouraged them to do other things, like go outside, build Legos, read books, etc. But even so, one of them could always be found at the computer, gaming away, and I'd have to bully him off to get my writing done. And then they would stand right at my elbow, saying "Mommy, are you done yet?"

So I gave up the fight and bought myself a laptop last summer. And for a while that was great. Until my boys discovered this virtual game world for kids. Now when I go to the living room, there's one boy parked on the desk computer, another on the laptop, both playing separate characters in the same virtual world. They like to do it together, they say. So I sigh and say "One hour!" after which I have to wrestle away my laptop amidst wails of protest.

I could crack down and put my laptop off limits entirely. But I tend to loosen the rules during summer. Looking forward to school, quiet, and un-harassed writing time!

Book news: Maelyn audio book is now available. Three-quarters done with Heidel - I made great progress at Chuck E Cheese's yesterday! New free book promotion to be announced soon.

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