Friday, July 19, 2013

Marketing Tip for E-Books #1

Most of what I post on this blog will be for readers. But some of it will be for writers. Today I'm going to share a marketing tip for e-books because that's often the most frustrating side of this whole business.

Marketing Tip #1: Have a Marketing Day

Marketing is hard, time-consuming work. You could make a full time job out of just marketing and never write a book again. You've got to respond to e-mails, update your website, update your blog, post on Facebook, post on Twitter, search for websites that will advertise your book and fill out the forms, send out marketing e-mails, create keywords and descriptions that will (hopefully) help search engines find your book, and so on and so forth. It's a lot. Especially when you live with those sweet little time-suckers that go by the name "small children".

I can't market every day. It cuts into my writing time and my days are too inconsistent anyway. So once a week I have my 'marketing day' where I put all the writing aside and just do marketing. For me it's Friday. That's the day I update my website or do a new blog post or just read and brainstorm new ways to market. It's not my favorite thing to do and but books don't sell themselves! And you do get results. Since launching The Nine Princesses Novellas last year, I've sold/distributed about 30,000 books. So it's working, one Friday at a time!

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