Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blogging (Again)

I'm starting a blog again (I've tried before), mainly because there are things I like to communicate to my readers. It's an easy way to post project updates. So I'll use this blog to let you know how The Nine Princesses books are progressing, any related news, and a few helpful things for writers and readers. That's all. That's it. No opinions about what's going on in the world. No stories about my puppy (don't have one anyway!) Just book stuff.

Working steadily on Heidel. I'm struggling to find a balance between writing and marketing. When I market, sales go up for Maelyn and Coralina, but Heidel doesn't get done. When I devote more hours to Heidel, sales drop because I'm not marketing. It's a struggle, especially because I have limited writing time, and often have to choose which I'll do today, write or market?

But Heidel is going well and I'm having fun with it. My artist is nearly done with the beautiful cover, so I'll post that soon!

And by the way, you can read a SAMPLE of Heidel on my website. I posted the first 5 chapters.

 (A cartoon drawing I did of Heidel several years ago. LOL. The cover will look much better.)

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